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Bronx River

The Bronx River Alliance is an Environmental protection organization in the Bronx, New York and works in close partnership with the New York City Parks as well as dozens of community-based partners, regional nonprofits, businesses and all levels of government. They work collaboratively with public and private partners to protect, improve, and restore the Bronx River corridor and greenway so that they can be healthy ecological, recreational, educational, and economic resources for the Bronx communities through which the river flows.
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Planning &


Multiple key stakeholder interviews, content audits, analytics analysis, and stakeholder usability tests were all part of our deep discovery process. Despite the Bronze River Alliance’s reputation, the interviewed consumers and the team considered their website’s design as uninteresting, bland, and unappealing. It was a poor depiction of who the Bronx River Alliance is. We spent a significant amount of time looking for design inspiration as part of our investigation. We were able to delve into various activities that helped to form our design approach and were able to narrow down the business’s priorities and the aesthetics we wanted to apply for the new brand through our discovery approach.

UX Strategy

We concentrated on a crucial component of what makes a site work or not work: the site architecture before applying any color schemes or selecting typefaces. Our UX team used wireframes to lay out the content on a page to ensure that everything made sense and flowed well. We followed a similar procedure for typefaces and color, researching, testing, and assessing hundreds of fonts to ensure that the one has chosen accurately represented the Bronx River Alliance. We also gave it a clean, crisp outlook on the home page and shared a drop-down button.


During the design process, our goal was to create an experience that would interest the individual user while also being completely functional enough to meet the needs of a large group of people. To improve the design, we increased the number of graphics to make it more aesthetically attractive and reduce text. The pictures used were carefully chosen to relay the story most significantly those used on the events section. We improved the font size on the site to make it easier to read in addition to making it automatically change to fit the screen being viewed on then boosted the colors. We were ready for development after several designs. Even though the new site had a lot of data, copy, and images, our experts optimized everything so that page load times were not harmed. The site is also easily translated into multiple languages apart from English like Spanish French and Yoruba. The Bronx River team can also edit the site to give the users the best experience. We recognize that paying attention to small elements like these may elevate a finished site to brilliance.

Test and Launch

We double-checked the Bronx River Alliance website from the front end to the rear end after creating it. We evaluated the website on popular devices and browsers to verify correct functioning and efficiency as part of our quality control step. We forwarded our work to the Bronx’s team to test it out independently once convinced our team that the site was nothing short of spectacular. We ran another round of testing after going live because we had a launch plan in place. We created a joyful and stress-free launch day for Bronx Alliance River.


The website redesign paid off with a successful launch, thanks to the effort spent conducting user interviews, user testing, and developing a sound UX strategy. Visitors to the freshly launched Bronx River Alliansite site can now precisely locate various features very quickly and easily due to the detailed menu, fast site loadtime and ability of the user to edit on the website. The events page is an upgrade having specific dates and imagery to support the premise to the event and enabling the user to easily sign up.

CRM Integration

We worked with Watergrass team to integrate the Watergrass CRM into the Bronx River Website. Watergrass is a powerful customized database built on Salesforce and comes streamlined for small and mid-size nonprofits. We made the Smart data forms more attractive, which was a pain point highlighted by the Bronx River team during the discover phase.

Closing Thoughts

We put together an effective plan for the Bronx River Alliance website makeover after learning about significant problems and frustrations through user testing. The website’s professional and attractive designs complement the site’s CMS framework, enabling the marketing team to keep it fresh and up-to-date with relevant material.

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